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Hand Protection

Across many industries persons are required to use their hands and this involves a level of potential risk which must always be considered by the employer prior to any task being undertaken. Sitepro stocks a range of gloves to provide different levels of protection.

What types of gloves are available?

  Suitable for: Performance Rating
Disposable Latex Gloves light decorating & cleaning work  
Close Fit PU Gloves light carpentry work 3121
Nitrile Gloves light plastering and general work 4122
Standard Super Grip Gloves heavier building work  2121
Elite Super Grip Gloves heavier building work  2242
Level 3 Anti-Cut Gloves medium level cut resistance 4342
Level 5 Anti-Cut Gloves high level cut resistance 4543
Rigger Gloves reinforced for manual and heavy work - often used for rigging and cable pulling  
Thermal Gloves heavier building work.  Fleece lined for warmth. 2132

How are gloves rated? The protection factor is indicated on a scale from 1 to 4. The higher the number, the better the glove. See table below

  • Resistance to abrasion: The number of cycles required to abrade through the sample glove (abrasion by sandpaper under a stipulated pressure). 
  • Blade cut resistance: The number of cycles required to cut through the sample at a constant speed.
  • Tear resistance: The amount of force required to tear the sample.
  • Puncture resistance: The amount of force required to pierce the sample with a standard sized point.
Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance (cycles) 100  500  2000  8000  
Blade cut resistance (factor) 1,2     2,5 5 10 20
Tear resistance (newton) 10  25 50  75  
Puncture resistance (newton) 20   60 100  150