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Recycling Scheme

Recycle Your Correx Protection Board, With our Recycling Scheme

We believe that it is our duty to help protect the environment for future generations. Since our inception, we have sought to ensure that our products are manufactured from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

This scheme allows for the responsible disposal of Proguard Correx® plastic sheeting. Returned waste is sorted, washed and re-granulated. It is then fully recycled and reused in the production of new plastic products including Proguard Correx® sheeting.

The end result is a much more sustainable source of supply. Protect Your Site & Protect Our Environment!

To find out more please contact us.


What does the Correx® and the Buffferboard® get recycled into?

The used material is collected back from site and sent to our recycling facility to be shredded, washed and re-granulated. End products will be suitable for use in plastic manufacturing, contributing to the circular economy. This includes products such as Proguard Correx®, plastic bowls, plastic car bumpers and more…

How much does the scheme cost?

As long as the protection material is ordered through Beck we offer a free collection service. We can either collect the pallet from site and deliver straight to your new site for reuse or we can send it directly to our recycling facility.

How can you prove that the material has been recycled? 

Once the material has been received back at our recycling plant you will receive a waste recycling note which will provide a summary of the weight collected, the carbon saving and the volume diverted from landfill.

Is it cheaper to recycle than to use a skip?

Yes! The average cost for an 8 yard skip is £253. An 8 yard skip will hold 6.12sqm of waste which equates to 1000 sheets of Correx®. We will collect this free of charge thus saving you an average of 25p per sheet in disposal costs! 

How long does it take for the collection of the waste to be arranged?

We require 48 working hours’ notice for collection.

What other requirements should we meet?

  • Waste sheets must be on 2.4m x 1.2m pallets
  • Minimum collection of 1 pallet
  • Waste must be strapped/wrapped securely onto the pallet
  • Pallet must only contain sheets supplied by Beck.

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