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Proguard Demolition Film: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Glass Removal

Glass removal from windows and doors during construction or renovation projects can be a delicate and potentially dangerous task. To mitigate the risk of glass shards flying and causing injuries, Proguard Products have developed an innovative solution - Proguard Demolition Film. This heavy-duty film, with a high-power adhesive backing, is specifically designed to hold glass panels in place as they are being broken, preventing dangerous shards from scattering.



Features and benefits of Proguard Demolition Film:

One of the primary purposes of Proguard Demolition Film is to prevent glass shards from becoming dangerous during the removal process. The film's ultra-strong adhesive has been created to adhere to glass surfaces securely. It acts as a protective barrier, holding the glass panels together as they are broken, ensuring that shattered pieces remain in situ until desired. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries caused by flying glass shards, providing a safer working environment.

Proguard Demolition Film is designed for easy application and handling, simplifying glass removal. The film is self-adhesive, eliminating the need for additional taping. Its easy-to-handle rolls make it convenient to unwind and apply smoothly to the glass surface. With a high tear and puncture resistance, the film withstands the forces involved in glass removal, maintaining its integrity and effectiveness. It can be easily cut with a knife, allowing for customisation for different window or door sizes.



To ensure optimal performance, Proguard Demolition Film is forward wound, keeping the adhesive clean and protected during storage. This feature guarantees that the film is ready for use straight away, without any adhesive contamination or damage. When applied to glass, the adhesive securely holds the film in place, minimising the chances of accidental displacement. It is important to note that the adhesive is formulated specifically for glass surfaces and may be difficult to remove, so it should only be applied to glass intended for replacement.

Applying Proguard Demolition Film is a straightforward process. Start by ensuring that the surface to be covered is clean, dust-free, and dry. Unwind approximately 600mm of the film and affix it to the top of the window or door, then pull the roll down towards the floor, ensuring it goes in a straight line. Smooth out the film with your hands as it unwinds, ensuring proper adhesion to the glass surface.

Proguard Demolition Film offers a reliable and effective solution for ensuring safety and efficiency during the removal of glass panels from windows and doors. With its self-adhesive nature, easy handling, and high tear resistance, the film simplifies the application process and provides a strong protective barrier against flying glass shards. By using Proguard Demolition Film, you can mitigate the risk of injuries, create a safer working environment, and enhance the overall efficiency of glass removal projects.

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