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Can you return used temporary protection once a job has finished?

Did you know that the construction abd DIY industries have one of the highest waste rates in the UK?

As a plastic product manufacturer, we must ensure that the products we produce are as environmentally friendly as possible and do not add to the large amounts of waste products produced from construction sites, DIY projects and building developments.

Plastic is valuable in our industry, providing excellent temporary protection for floors, windows and doors. Without it, protection products would be far less effective. When used correctly, plastic is a brilliant protector.

Products such as Proguard Correx Protection Board provide efficient protection from knocks, scratches, and spills. Correx protection is the perfect temporary protection product to have on any job. Correx floor protection sheets offer complete surface protection from refurbishments and decoration to construction sites. Lightweight corrugated plastic is quick and easy to use, reusable and highly durable, helping to make your job easier. 

Now, with our Proguard Recycling Scheme, plastic Correx can be part of the solution to less waste, not part of the problem! When you have finished with your Proguard Correx protection products, you can return them to us to be recycled and reused. Returned waste is sorted, washed and re-granulated. It is then fully recycled and reused in producing new plastic products, including Proguard Correx® sheeting. The result is a much more sustainable source of supply.

As well as our recycling scheme, we make sure our temporary protection products are reusable, recyclable and, where possible, are made of recycled materials too. 

So, yes - your used Correx temporary protection can be returned once you have finished with it! Take a look at our recycling scheme to find out how