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How to protect windows with Peelable Window Protection?

Proguard peelable window protection is a temporary protective coating that helps to protect window glass and frames against scratches, abrasions, and job site dirt and grime. Easy and quick to apply, the water-based coating cures to a durable, easy-to-remove “protective skin”.

Peelable window protection benefits:

✔ Quick application for large areas
✔ Roll on or spray on
✔ Water-based formula
✔ Ideal for glass, PVC, plastics & aluminium
✔ Fully dry in 24 hours
✔ Remove residue-free & dispose with normal construction waste
✔ Can be left on application surface for up to 18 months
✔ Covers 3-4 square meters per 1 litre

Here is a quick guide on how to apply the peelable window protection:


  1. Get rollers or sprayer ready
  2. Clean the application surface from loose debris, dust or other contamination
  3. Make sure the application surface is dry prior to application
  4. Ensure the temperature of the application surface and air is above 4.5°C. For best results, temperature should be above 20°C



Apply with airless spray (0.012 - 0.017 mm and larger tip size) or roller
For best results, use the lowest possible fluid pressure which will produce an even spray fan. Too much pressure may result in overspray and too much moisture.


  • Glass
  • PVC
  • Plastics
  • Aluminium

Please note: Do not apply to wood frames



Apply a first coat with 0.2 mm thickness.
When spraying, keep the gun parallel to the surface to ensure a uniform thickness. Gun tip should be held at 25-50 cm from the surface.
When rolling, apply a heavy coat in one direction, then apply a second coat in a perpendicular direction to the first coat for a uniform film. Use a thin nap roller (3 mm nap).


Wait for 30 seconds and then apply a second coat. Apply enough to hide the substrate.
When tou can no longer see the substrate through the coating, you have applied approx. 0.2 mm.
If there are any cloud areas, the moisture is higher and will need more time to cure.
Make sure you do not attempt to peel or expose the treated area to rain until fully cured.


Air cure time depends on the wet film thickness, temperature and humidity but allow at least 24 hours to dry.
Check if the film is dry and then remove in one smooth motion when ready.
The removed film can be disposed with normal construction waste.


  • Do not allow the product to freeze
  • Do not apply the coating too thin. This will result in a weak and inconsistent film which offers little protection and can be difficult to remove.
  • Do not apply the coating when it may be exposed to rain, moisture or freezing before the coating is fully cured.

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