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Why Breathable Floor Protection Is Important

Why Breathable Floor Protection Is Important

There are a number of floor types which, if you use any protection, need to be able to cure. The reality is often that construction workers lay normal protection sheets or fleece in the morning and then have to remember to remove the protection at the end of the day. Breathable floor protection allows moisture to disperse. If you use non-breathable protection, the moisture in the floor can get trapped and this can drive the moisture into surrounding walls and adjacent construction. In addition, the type of flooring might require specific breathing and drying at all times. Breathable floor protection allows your floor to cure and remain protected throughout the project.

What types of floors benefit from breathable floor protection?

Every decoration and construction project comes with unique challenges. With floors being a large area with high risks of damage, protecting floors becomes a priority that needs to be well thought through.

The type of floors can vary from project to project, and there are a number of different floors where you need to allow for moisture to escape while the decoration or construction work is going on.

Generally the following floors need breathable temporary protection:

  1. Freshly laid floors, such as concrete, laminate and tiles, screed floors in new built homes
  2. Traditional flooring, including brick floors and tiled floors in a variety of historic builds and old houses, including Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian houses, country cottages and manor houses.

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Types of Breathable Floor Protection

Just like there are many different kinds of flooring, there are also a range of floor coverings that can prevent floors from damage. If you are looking for high-impact breathable temporary floor protection for refurbishment, building or construction work, then Correx is the go-to protection material. For example, Proguard Breathable Correx Protection board is made of strong corrugated polypropylene with micro-perforations that guarantee a quick and efficient dispersion of condensation. In addition, these boards are lightweight, easy to cut and provide high-impact surface protection against damage from tools, rubble and chemicals. 100% waterproof and spill-resistant. Safe for use with ladders, fork-lifts and machinery.

For light floor protection, we recommend Proguard breathable fleece. It is ideal for newly laid floors, such as wooden floor, natural stone floors and resin bound floors. It consists of three layers: the anti-slip coated under layer prevents slipping, but also allows for shock absorbing; the middle layer is a unique vapour transmitting membrane and allows moisture to escape from the curing floor, while preventing liquid coming through from the top. This allows the floor to cure, yet prevent contamination from above. The top layer is an extra strengthening layer and also helps absorb any spillage from above.


Choosing the right protection for your floor type is important, especially when your floor holds moisture that needs to disperse during building work. Breathable floor protection is ideal for contractors and floor installers who need to protect surfaces during commercial and residential construction project.

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