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The Ultimate Door Protection Guide

We are regularly getting asked how to protect doors from damage on site.  Our team have come together to develop this simple step-by-step guide to protect doors from damage and avoid extra costs.  Bufferboard provides extra heavy duty door protection to give you that peace of mind.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Assess the level of door protection required

What level of protection is required? Ask yourself, what trades will be working around the doors? As a general rule, if only decorating work is being carried out, door protection sleeves or door protection correx will be acceptable. However, to provide the ultimate protection and provide peace of mind, we suggest you use Bufferboard. Bufferboard provides high impact protection, whilst being lightweight and easy to cut.


Step 2: Protect the door jambs

Before you begin protecting the door itself, you need to protect any exposed door jambs. Place a door jamb protector onto the door jambs, the protectors' high impact protection foam will protect from, knocks and scrapes from construction traffic - no fixing is required, as the protectors are self-gripping. You'll need to ensure that the top of the door frame is protected, as this is susceptible to damage from ladders etc. We recommend using a half-length jamb protector in this area.


Step 3: Cut the Bufferboard to size

Next, measure the door size and cut door sheets of Bufferboard to size by using a sharp knife. Make sure you cut a hole for any door handles and affix eight strips of easy tear low tack tape around all four sides of each sheet. 


Step 4: Fix the door protection sheets

Hold up the door protection sheet to the door and fix the tape over each edge of the door. Repeat for the other sheet - this should hold the sheets firmly in place.


Step 5: Protect the door edges

Measure the thickness of the door and select the right U-profile edge protection. For example, if the door is 50mm thick, select the 45-60mm U-profile door edge protectors. Fix these around each exposed edge of the door, except on the hinge side, if necessary use easy tear low tack tape to secure.

Step 6: Protect the door handles

We strongly advise that any door handles, should not be fitted until the last possible moment. However, if they have been fitted, it is vital they are well protected, as they can be costly to replace. We suggest cutting a metre square of bubble wrap and wrapping this around the door handle, using easy tear low tack tape to secure, making sure none of the handle is left exposed.

Whilst protected, the door cannot be used and should be held back, to stop it closing and becoming a potential hazard.

If you have any queries and would like assistance from one of our protection consultants, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 999 2429 or email

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