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Polythene Sheeting Explained - Which Is Best For Your Job?

Polythene Sheeting Explained - Which Is Best For Your Job?

Polythene sheeting is a staple product for any project due to its versatility. It can be used for protecting furniture during house removals, covering floors during building and decorating work, or creating temporary dust screens, to name just a few!

For ease of transportation each polythene roll is multi-folded or centre-folded. It’s also easy to cut so you only need to use the amount you require. Once you’re finished, keep this handy product in storage and we’re certain it will be back out in use on the next job.

The waterproof plastic sheeting comes in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses, so we thought we’d explain the difference between each option and what each product is best suited for.

Light duty polythene (under 200 gauge)

This is our cheapest option of polythene so is ideal for single use jobs when you want light protection then to quickly dispose of the polythene. With similar benefits to dust sheets, but at a fraction of the price, this lightweight, flexible polythene can quickly be draped over furniture during DIY and redecoration or placed on floors to protect carpets from dust, debris and paint splashes.

Medium duty polythene (200-500 gauge)

We highly recommend this gauge of polythene for use with temporary screen props to create dust screens. For an added level of protection against fire hazards we stock a 300g fire retardant polythene sheeting (flame retardant to LPS1207, certificate number 521/a) which we would highly recommend on any site.

In addition to all of the purposes we highlighted for the light duty polythene, our medium duty polythene is particularly suited to the protection of furniture during transit or storage as it won’t tear as easily due its thicker grade.

Heavy duty polythene (500-1000 gauge)

Heavy duty polythene provides excellent protection on floors where there may be heavier foot traffic or a higher risk of spills. It is also suitable for garden protection, when doing extensive ground work. Alternative uses of this thick polythene outdoors could include lining ponds or using it in hanging baskets. It can also be used for heavy duty wrapping of furniture and goods for storage and transit.

It can also be used for general DIY and redecoration projects, especially to cover items which require a higher level of protection. If undamaged, it is suitable for reusing again.

Extra heavy-duty polythene (1000+ gauge)

Polythene over 1000 gauge is often commonly known as builders’ polythene or damp-proof membrane. Our extra heavy-duty polythene is BBA approved and can be used during the concreting as a moisture barrier to prevent moisture rising into a building although it can also be used for temporary roof covering, protecting newly-laid floors, cement mixing, and other protection applications. The centre-fold option is especially useful for concreting companies as it covers large areas quickly.

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