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New Product - Anti-Slip Recycled Rubber Matting

New Product - Anti-Slip Recycled Rubber Matting

Introducing our latest sustainable protection solution, black anti-slip recycled rubber matting!

Our fine ribbed rubber matting provides excellent non-slip properties. The mats are ideal for heavy traffic, in both wet and dry environments. We manufacture these mats from 100% rubber from recycled car tyres. We also have a range of sizes and thicknesses available in order to ensure you get the perfect matting to suit your needs.

Create a safe walkway on-site with ease by running the mat along the designated route. To further ensure that the walkway is kept clear, hazard warning tape can adhere to either side of the mat.

The design of our fine ribbed rubber matting features hundreds of intricate grooves which provide an anti-slip surface. While under pressure the ribs can compress which helps to increase the life expectancy of the mats. It also ensures that more of the mat remains in contact with many footwear types.


  • Made from recycled car tyres
  • Excellent anti-slip properties, even when wet
  • These runner mats resist curling and warping
  • Rubber matting runners create a barrier to cold flooring substrates
  • Excellent vibroinsulating and soundproofing properties
  • Easy to cut
  • 100% Recyclable

Aside from the non-slip properties, our mats also offer two additional features - our ribbed rubber matting creates a barrier to help protect against cold flooring substrates. As well as heat insulation, our mats also provide good sound dampening qualities. This particular feature is highly desirable in built-up, high population areas.

We can provide our ribbed rubber matting products in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses to suit you. We can also supply this product in a variety of colours, subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact us for more information.