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Why You Should Stop Using Hardwood For Your Construction Project

Why You Should Stop Using Hardwood For Your Construction Project

Despite the many alternatives, hardboard is still widely used on construction sites. The high-density wood sheets are traditionally popular as a cheaper alternative to plywood for floor protection.
There are better - and more cost-effective - ways to protect your floor without using hardwood or plywood.

Bufferboard - Ultra-Tough & Cost-Effective Protection

Here at Sitepro Direct we often hear customers say they are struggling with hardwood sheets as they are heavy, difficult to handle and cut and can even pose a health and safety risk as they warp after prolonged use.

That's why we have developed a lightweight, easy to cut alternative to hardwood, Proguard Bufferboard, which is easy to handle, can be reused and is 100% waterproof to prevent warping.

Proguard Bufferboard is manufactured from heavy duty honeycombed polypropylene to provide extremely heavy duty floor protection. The honeycomb formation provides the ultimate impact resistance and is suitable for use with wheeled scaffold towers and powered plant. Bufferboard is an excellent alternative to plywood, OSB and hardboard as it is not affected by moisture and can be easily cut with a knife. The cellular form also provides a high level of slip resistance.

Here are some of the main benefits of using Proguard Bufferboard as your Temporary Floor Protection:

  1. Quick to Apply: Buffferboard floor protection sheets are lightweight which makes them easy to handle on site, move around and remove after the project ended.
  2. Cost effective: Proguard Bufferboard provides ultra-tough, cost-effective protection. For the best temporary protection rates, just create an account or contact us on
  3. Reusable and Recyclable: With plastic becoming a great focus of news around the world and the construction industry using a large amount of one-use plastic, including packaging and often protection material, we are looking to make all our temporary protection products more sustainable to help you reduce your environmental impact of your project. Our Proguard Bufferboard is made from recyclable material and can be reused as well as recycled after use.
  4. Flame Retardant: The Joint Code of Practice on the protection from fire on construction sites states clearly that failure to use flame retardant protection materials on projects could lead to uninsured losses.
    Our Fire Retardant Proguard Bufferboard has all the ultra-tough protection benefits as our standard Bufferboard as well as being flame retardant.
  5. Waterproof Floor Protection: Hardboard and plywood sheets can warp after getting wet. Unlike hardwood, Proguard Bufferboard sheets are 100% waterproof and provide full protection even if there is a rain shower outdoors or a leak inside.

Still not sure you could stop using hardboard sheets for your building and construction project? Then just give us a call on 0800 999 2429 to request your Proguard Bufferboard sample.