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3 Key Benefits of Custom Printed Protection

3 Key Benefits of Custom Printed Protection

Businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to reach more customers and connect with prospective customers.
In particular, the construction industry kis competitive and as a construction company you always keep an eye out for new opportunities to advertise to get ahead of the competition.
One easiest and mosst effective ways to raise brand awareness of your company is by using custom printed protection materials. Not only does floor protection help to keep floors protected from dust, damage and spillages, but at the same time it can provide an excellent advertising platform.
If you are not sure about what custom printed floor protection could work for you, then read on. Here's how custom printed Correx® Board, Proguard Bufferboard and Carpet film can benefit your construction business on site:


Combine site protection with an ideal marketing opportunity to increase brand awareness. With the help of our in-house design service, we can add your company name, logo in up to two colours on your floor, window and wall protection.
Why not include a phone number so that any potential client who notices your well-protected construction site can contact your business with ease.


The majority of construction projects run for much longer than a single day. With this, your custom printed floor protection or window protection can stay out for everyone to see and spread the message of your company for weeks or even months at a time. With large Correx sheets and scaffold sheeting that cover easily-noticed walls, windows and facades, your message is guaranteed to reach your audience.


If you are buying floor protection or window protection for your construction project anyway, then why not capitalise on this easy marketing opportunity?

Digital advertising online or outdoors, in particular in large spaces, can be costly and complex.
With custom printed floor protection products, you can spread your message literally all over the walls to increase brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of other advertising strategies.

For more information about advertising with custom printed protection products, give us a call on 01432 263598 or