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5 most common on-site damages

More often than not, protection products are thought about when it’s too late – a mishap has occurred, resulting in damage and more cost. Below we've shared the 5 most common on-site damages and how you can avoid them.



A lot of spillages can occur on site, whether it’s from paint, fuel or water. Ensure you have surface protection in place that is waterproof such as our Correx or Bufferboard. Alternatives such as dust sheets and cardboard will allow spill through and damage the floor. Products such as plywood and hardboard may warp when wet, causing a trip hazard – use Bufferboard instead!


Broken or Scratched Glass

One of the key complaints from owners of new builds is scratched windows. Often this is caused when windows are coated with render or paint over spray, which has to be scrubbed clean – often leading to scratched glass. Save time and money by protecting windows with window protection film.



Door Damage

When moving furniture or doing building work, doors can be one of the most vulnerable areas for damage. Have peace of mind, by using a door jamb protector. If the doors have already been fitted, it's likely they could be knocked or damaged. Ensure they’re completely protected by using door sleeves and protection sheets.

High Traffic Leading to Stair Damage

Stairways can often be the only means of access between levels, exposing them to a lot of material and labour movement. Traditionally, stair tread protection is used, but this often leaves the stair riser exposed. Our Protectall fleece is a heavy duty, self-adhesive protector, which can be run down the whole length of a stairway, plus over the balustrades.

Personal Injury

Finally, and most importantly, is personal protection. We can’t emphasise enough the importance in having all the equipment readily available. To make this easy, and hassle-free for you, find out more about our PPE kits, containing a helmet, goggles, hi-vis, ear defenders and latex gloves. 

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