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Reduce the impact from snowy days on your site!

We might not suffer from prolonged periods of snow in the UK very often, however when those first few flakes do appear it can quickly cause work to come to a standstill.

Most construction sites or projects are working to tight deadlines, so if you are prepared for all adverse weather conditions then you can minimise the impact they have by reducing costly delays, downtime and replacements to materials and equipment.

We’ve put together a list of items that we think you should keep handy, whether it be in your van or on a construction site, which might just come in useful in any wintry or wet conditions.

1. Keep yourself warm!

Keeping yourself warm is essential! Layer up with lots of warm layers and a waterproof winter jacket. We stock a range of fleeces, hoodies and jackets to keep the winter chills at bay. For added safety opt for a high visibility jacket. Waterproof over trousers may be advisable if you are in the snow or kneeling down on damp/icy floors.

Specialist worker gloves will not only protection your hands but provide any extra layer of warmth. Multi-purpose gloves, such as our thermal and close fit gloves are suitable for use in wet conditions such as snow.

Our heads lose the largest proportion of heat so invest in a cold weather helmet comforter to wear under your helmet. It is designed specifically for use under hard hats and attaches securely to ensure you remain safe.

Don’t forget about your feet! Our wool lined rigger boots will keep toes toasty warm when out in the snow and ice.

2. Protect your materials

Cold, damp and icy conditions can cause costly damage to building materials being stored outdoors. To reduce the damage caused to blocks, brickwork, mortar and concrete we would suggest you cover them over with Proguard hessian cloth. Hessian is a cost effective, multipurpose material made from Jute fabric, which has excellent thermal properties. Not only will it save you money buying replacement materials, but it will prevent avoidable downtime waiting for replacement supplies to be replaced. It’s very quick and easy to use by simply placing over the top of materials.

We’d also advise storing materials on dry floors, so a tarpaulin sheet on the ground may be useful. Our Proguard Tarpaulins have reinforced aluminium eyelets so they are easy to lash down securely. They are also extremely versatile so may also be used for protecting exposed areas of the building, covering site equipment or vehicles and creating temporary roofing or shelters in adverse weather conditions.

3. Clear the ground

To reduce the risk of trips and slips, ensure that any tools or building materials are safely stored away as when they’re covered in snow it’s unlikely you’ll see them! It may also be advisable to clear pathways. We stock large Gorilla Shovels which are made from frost resistant plastic so you can easily shovel deep snow off paths. You can then reduce slips by either spreading grit salt of putting down suitable protective matting.

4. Good lighting

Don't allow dark conditions to affect your usual daily business by investing in extra lighting and power equipment. Sitepro stock a wide range of lighting to suit all requirements. We also offer exclusive Defender lighting and power bundle deals which will not only make your daily work both safer and more productive, but it will also save you money!

5. The big thaw

When snow and ice does eventually melt, it creates excess water on a site. To ensure this water drains in the direction you require, rather than towards your building, temporary downpipes can help. These easily portable plastic sleeves can quickly be put up for temporary water protection to provide effective water drainage.

It may even be in your interest to invest in hessian sand bags to protect from heavier flows of either rain water or thawing ice and snow.

6. Health & Safety

Accident rates increase when weather conditions worsen and working conditions become more dangerous. It is wise to ensure you have adequate first aid with you in the form of a handy kit. We stock small, medium and large portable first aid kits, depending on the size of your company. If you’re out and about in on the road, make sure you keep one in your vehicle.

Should you require any further advise or information on any of the items we have suggested please call our knowledgeable sales advisors on 0800 999 2429.