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How Do I Achieve a Snag Free Site?

At Sitepro, we don't just supply our customers with temporary protection products, we strive to help our customers achieve a snag free project. Nothing makes us happier than to hear feedback from our customers that their projects were completed on time and on budget.

What is a ‘snag’ or ‘snagging’?

Snags or snagging typically refers to damage or defects that could have been prevented to newly installed or original surfaces/fittings on site. This could include scratches to surfaces, broken glass or stains to flooring, for example.

Snags may also occur in relationships between the various parties on site, when communication can break down. With so many contractors and subcontractors on-site at any one time, it can be hard to effectively coordinate everyone to ensure damage does not occur.

What are the benefits of delivering a snag free project? 

Common issues on a project that isn't delivered defect free include...

  • Delays on the completion date due to avoidable issues with workmanship
  • Overspending due to having to replace already installed fittings and surfaces
  • Poor customer feedback
  • Client dissatisfaction

By completing your project snag free you can expect to improve client satisfaction and company reputation. You will also reduce the amount of time and money you are spending on your site meaning you can complete your project quicker. If you've got happy customers, the chances of repeat work and positive word of mouth will improve and ensure your company stands out from the competition.

Who’s responsibility is it to achieve a snag free site?

In general, we normally find that it is left to the responsibility of each individual contractor or sub-contractor on a project as to whether they purchase and use temporary protection products to complete their work snag free. However, this isn't a fool-proof system and snags may still occur.

Our approach at Sitepro is to advise companies to adopt a snag free culture. This culture should be led by the management team of each project and adopted by all their employees, contractors and sub-contractors. As protection specialists, we can equip you with a step by step process, advising how projects should be run to deliver them snag free. If everyone within the company follows these simple processes, then your sites will run more smoothly and snag free.

What can I do to deliver a snag free project?

We understand that aiming to deliver a snag free project can seem daunting, however we've developed a simple solution. To start with, we will visit you either at your main office or at a site of your choice to explain our snag free system, then we will undertake a survey of your site from which we will produce you a personalised protection report.

Within this report we will provide you with a step by step process for ensuring protection is the responsibility of all employees and contractors on site. It also contains risk assessments relevant to each stage of the development. There are protocols for warning on site contractors to potential areas of damage and how to clearly label these areas prior to wok commencing. Finally, we will include a full list of all the temporary protection products we recommend you use to reduce damage.

At every stage of your development, you are always welcome to contact our knowledgeable staff for advice or product information.

How do I book a Snag Free Site Survey?

To book an appointment with our Protection Consultants at your office or on your site, then please call us on 0800 999 2429 or email