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The complete guide to floor protection during a house party

The complete guide to floor protection during a house party

Holding a house party might sound appealing, especially during the festive season. It’s the perfect time for getting all your friends and family together. However, the reality of the clean-up operation and potential damage you might face afterwards could put some people off!

The most vulnerable parts of your house during a party are the floors. Damage to them caused by the extra foot traffic or spilt drinks and food can cause expensive repairs or replacement. But with some simple pre-planning and a few of Sitepro’s saviour products out of the Proguard temporary floor protection range, these issues can be avoided. The products are easy to use, easy to remove and make the post party clean-up much quicker…so get party planning!

These are the products we recommend based on your type of flooring:


The biggest threat to a carpet is staining, whether it be from spilt drinks or muddy shoes. But don’t worry, all you need is one simple product – Proguard Carpet Protection Film.

Proguard carpet film comes on lightweight, easy to handle rolls. They are self-adhesive so you don’t need to worry about securing them on to your carpets or carpet tiles and they can be applied in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the adhesive backing the film stays securely in place, meaning it will still be secure even after some energetic dancing! Our 100% waterproof, high-quality films are also highly tear and puncture resistant, perfect if your house guests are partial to a high heel.

The film is clear in colour so will barely be seen by your guests, and after use, it can quickly be peeled away without leaving any residue or mess on your carpets.

If flame retardancy is a concern for you, should you be lighting some atmospheric candles or if there’s a risk of cigarette ash being dropped, then a fire-retardant carpet protection film is available.

The rolls come in a variety of lengths and widths meaning you only need to buy the amount you require and if you’ve still got some film left over, put it away in the garage or shed and we’re certain you’ll be bringing it back out again soon for your next party or DIY project.

Hard Surface Floors (including wood, tiles, marble or vinyl)

Hard surface floors are at risk from more than just spillages. Damage from impacts or scuffs/scratches from footwear can be very costly.

If you choose to protect your hard floors against spillages (which may be particularly useful if you’ve got a wood floor that is at risk from staining), then we recommend our Proguard Hard Surface Protection Film. It has all the same benefits as the carpet film but is designed specifically for hard floors – please DO NOT use the same product for both carpets and hard floors! This film will also provide protection from marks off the bottom of your guests’ shoes. There will be no need to get a mop out the following day to scrub your floors clean saving you precious time!

If you’ve got a wooden floor, then some form of impact damage is highly likely to occur. A sparkly dress and high heels are very common party attire and we all know what happens when a high heel is stamped on a wooden floor….dents and scratches will appear. Unless you want to be an unpopular host by asking all your guests to remove their footwear, then it's advised you plan for this damage. For impact protection we recommend the three following products.

1. Proguard Temporary Protection Correx® Boards or Rolls

Our range of Proguard Correx® floor protection plastic boards and sheets are ideal for protecting all flooring surfaces such as wood, vinyl and tiles.

Available in either sheets or rolls, the protection board is so simple to use. Simply place it on the floor and secure the edges down with Proguard Low Tack PVC Tape. It can easily be cut or curved to fit around objects or used on a variety of surfaces (you might also want to consider protecting your dining table or kitchen worktops with it?).

They are extremely lightweight whilst still being tear, puncture and impact resistant. They are also waterproof so won’t be affected by moisture meaning they can be used outdoors. Maybe you could use them to create your dancefloor?

Correx protection board represents excellent value for money when the benefits it provides are taken into account. They can save your floor surfaces from unsightly and potentially damaging scratches and stains, so why take the risk? Buy Correx floor protection and put your mind at ease.

Proguard Floor Protection Board comes in three main varieties: Non Fire-Retardant Black, Non Fire-Retardant White and Flame-Retardant White (certified to LPS1207). We also stock three main thicknesses - 2, 3 and 4mm. For protection from a high heel we’d recommend a minimum of 3mm.

2. Proguard Fleece Protection

Fleece protection is often used when there is a need to protect sensitive surfaces such as marble or granite. Proguard Protectall Fleece is our thickest fleece at 2.5mm. Although this fleece may not be as impact absorbing as Correx, it has the additional benefit of being manufactured from hard wearing non-woven synthetic fibres which absorb spills. However, it has a 100% waterproof underside to prevent the liquid reaching the floor. This will reduce the risk of slipping on wet floors. It’s also one of the easiest products to apply thanks to being self-adhesive. Simply roll it out, stick it down and trim to size. Then peel up, residue-free, when done! It can even be reused.

3. Proguard Bufferboard

If you require the ultimate in protection from impacts and heavy equipment, then Proguard Bufferboard is the product for the job!

This crush-resistant, honeycombed polypropylene board provides extremely heavy-duty floor protection. This product might be particularly useful if you’re bringing in additional equipment to complete your party, such as lighting, sound, heating or catering, and want to protect your floors from their weight. Despite being extremely strong and hard wearing, they’re very light and 100% waterproof. Again, they’re easy to apply. All you need to do is place the boards down on the floor and secure with low tack tape.

Still not sure? 

If you’re not sure about which product is best for your requirements, then please call us on 0800 999 2429 and our experienced Protection Consultants will be happy to advise you.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Special Offers page, as great value deals and discounts on our top quality floor protection products are often added.