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Top 10 uses for hessian

At Sitepro, we stock both hessian bags and hessian cloth. Hessian is a natural fabric made from the Jute plant. Despite facing competition from man-made fabrics, natural hessian (or Jute) material has remained in demand thanks to its sustainable and environmentally-friendly benefits.

We thought we’d look at 10 things you can do with hessian material, five being traditional and five slightly more alterative options!

1. Sand bags: the strong material can be made into bags which will hold large amounts of sand to prevent flood damage
2. Frost protection: it has excellent thermal properties so can protect brickwork, mortar or concrete during cold weather
3. Heat protection: similar to frost protection but in reverse! Simply wet the hessian and it will prevent cement from drying out too quickly
4. Food storage: the breathable fabric is ideal for food products such as coffee beans, rice and potatoes
5. Agricultural or landscaping uses: as the material is biodegradable, it is widely used in for weed control or seed protection

6. Sound proofing: the thick material can be used to quickly help sound proof any room
7. Sport day: no childhood sports day would be complete without a sack race
8. Interior design: hessian is a cheap, durable and trendy alternative fabric for household furniture
9. Planter bags: turn them into at home planter bags to grow your plants and vegetables in
10. Scarecrows: create a DIY, environmentally friendly scarecrow to keep the birds away!