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Watch this ultra-tough floor protection in action!

We know how good this ultimate, heavy-duty floor protection is, but we thought we'd make a short clip so you can see the strength of Proguard Bufferboard for yourself!

We used typical heavy powered plant machinery - an access tower - to demonstrate what happens to Bufferboard when it is driven over or parked on. Watch the video and see for yourself:

The Bufferboard takes the substantial weight with ease, with absolutely no crushing! You can see how lightweight and easy to manoeuvre the sheets are, simply being placed on the floor. They also require no taping and are anti-slip. And when you're done, simply lift them back up and reuse them time and time again! They really do provide the ultimate heavy-duty floor protection.

To request your free Proguard Bufferboard sample please email or call 0800 999 2429.